Quilts uncovered DVD 1




In this DVD Jenny describes the origins of quilting, and how inspirational designers through the ages have influenced her own designs. Using simple and easy-to-learn techniques – and not much more than some paper, a few coins and a ruler – Jenny shows how to draw some of the classic quilting design elements such as the feather, rose and cable. She then shows easy techniques for transferring the patterns onto the fabric, and the stitches to use when quilting. Finally, Jenny gets you started on your own with some simple projects designed to get you quilting confidently.

DVD Features:

  • Approximate time: 160 minutes.
  • Three journal quilt projects. Journal quilts are small, decorative quilts designs that fit conveniently on a sheet of A4 paper. These projects show why journal quilts give you the perfect excuse to experiment with different fabrics, patterns and techniques.
  • How to make a strip quilt. The strip quilt takes design elements from some of Jenny’s antique quilts. This pretty little quilt uses alternating strips of differently coloured fabric quilted using classic cable and feather designs.
  • How to use a quilting frame. This technique allows you to quilt without the need for basting, and keeps the fabric layers flat, smooth and at the right tension. Jenny shows how to use it to make a beautiful little cot quilt that will always be a treasured possession.
    Printable drawings of all the patterns Jenny uses in these DVDs (as well as assembly instructions for the projects) are included on a free bonus disc in the box. NB Because of their size, a standard printer will print the patterns on many sheets of paper that you would then have to stick together.