My workshops are designed to help with planning and creating a quilt design, whilst also stimulating and developing confidence in the use of fabric and threads. There are a variety of workshops to choose from as outlined below. Please contact me for current availability.

Quilt planning

Learn the basics of quilt design and planning. The class includes the creation of your own patterns and quilt.

Welsh Quilt Design

Spend a little time looking at patterns on these welsh quilts and learn how to create your own original welsh style cot quilt.

Durham Style Quilting

Make a small Durham style quilt approx. 20−40” square. Learn how, from drafting only two or three patterns, you can make a pleasing quilt design. Class to include drafting, marking and quilting.

Strip quilt

Look at quilt examples and learn how to plan and mark a strip quilt. Imagine, no turning corners, patterns just flow.


Learn the basics of this Japanese method of stitching and the principles of drafting patterns in Sashiko stitchery. During the day the student will make a stitch record of a wide variety of patterns that can be used as wrapped cushion covers, bags, jackets, etc.

Hawaiian appliqué

Learn how to fold and cut the large patterns needed for this impressive quilt style. During the class we will work on a smaller project.

Baltimore appliqué

Learn how to stitch painlessly and accurately so that you can recreate a block from a Baltimore album quilt − without pain! A wide variety of blocks will be available to see although we will only work on one. We shall cover stitching flowers, leaves, stems and baskets.

Bags for all

Small fun bags for lots of occasions, that ideal ‘latch raiser’ (gift when you go out for supper). A fun day when a wide variety of techniques will be covered to create a bag full of bags. Techniques to be covered include: pockets, gussets, straps and handles. A fast and fun workshop!

Medallion quilts

By taking inspiration from the quilters of the past you will create your own tribute to these former craftswomen by using a selection of contemporary fabrics. You can start your project at the workshop and over a short period at home you will have a quilt top ready for quilting.

Strippy quilt

By making your quilt top before the class (instructions will be sent), your time during the workshop will be spent learning how to design your own quilting patterns. After the designing stage you will learn to transfer them to the fabric ready for quilting.


Take the mystery out of these fascinating panels made by the women of the San Blas Islands. During the class we will work a piece suitable for a cushion or small bag using the reverse appliqué technique.

Boxes and books

Learn how to make fabric-covered boxes in the traditional way, including dividers, trays and lids.

Amish-style quilt

By taking inspiration from the Amish plan you will make a small quilt using the traditional solid colours to make a bold quilt and a showcase for beautiful hand quilting.

Original block

Challenge yourself to design your own traditional block and develop it into a very personal quilt. A small project that, like Topsy, just grows!

Block making − freestyle

Learn how to make fast patchwork blocks that are template-free. A useful technique that is fun and fast.