As the daughter of a tailor and pattern cutter I became acquainted with the sewing world at the tender age of three. My love for sewing didn’t diminish as the years progressed and my passion for quilting began in 1979. Since then I have enjoyed the tutelage of many experienced and qualified teachers, learning a wide variety of skills, including using the sewing machine and hand stitching.

I launched my teaching career in 1992 and have enjoyed a rich tapestry of teaching experiences nationally, usually running workshops for up to 18 students for each session, passing on my knowledge, experience, skills and most of all my enthusiasm for quilting. I also talk to groups about the history of quilting, quilting styles and methods, generating interest in those who may have never attempted quilting before.

I bring some antique quilts with me to my talks. Some of the ones I own date back to the late 1800s. They are a living history! Historically quilts were primarily used by people needing a cheap way to keep warm: quilts can be used time and again as they can be unpicked and re-sewn. Our ancestors were recycling things even then.

Both my workshops and talks are delivered in a friendly, easy to understand way. My specialist areas of quilting knowledge are Durham and Welsh quilting. (Durham quilting is more about free flowing designs and the Welsh had more Celtic origins – knot work etc.)

I encourage students to make their own patterns from scratch and many items found around the house can be used as templates for them – such as old cushion covers. No need to go to the expense of buying patterns. Let my energy and enthusiasm for quilting capture your imagination!