Cowslip workshop, Cornwall

I was exhibiting at a two-day show to celebrate apple weekend on 14th and 15th October 2017. It was held in the barn at Cowslip Workshops, where other rural crafts were on show including apple pressing for cider, basket work, felting and vintage farm tools. I was demonstrating on a whole cloth quilt and 36 of my own quilts were on show. A lovely venue! I met lots of wonderful people and chatted to many who were most interested in what I was doing.

Thread Bear, South Croydon

I am coming to teach an Amish Style Quilt class in April to June 2018 at Thread Bear, Hamsey Green, Croyden. There will be six classes over several weeks, starting 6th April 2018.

Using a traditional square in square pattern, and simple piecing, we will concentrate on the drafting and stitching of the quilting patterns. A small quilt up to a metre square will be the project size.

Please contact me for more information, or contact Thread Bear directly on 0208 657 5050.

Hawaiian workshop

On 8 November I ran a class in Broughton Gifford on Hawaiian quilting. As part of the workshop my students learned how to fold and cut the large patterns needed for this impressive quilt style. They then worked on a smaller project which they all took home. You can see some of the results my fantastic students achieved below. It was a day packed full of activity but everyone left with a sense of achievement. What a talented bunch!